Gender Center

We are actively looking to expand our offerings for our patients to create a one-stop Gender Center where you can find massage, voice coaching, clothing advice, makeup workshops and more!

Transition Beautiful

Social transition from male to female is a challenge and causes anxiety.

Check out our Transition Beautiful fundraiser page here

Many of our patients have no money for make up, hair styling or clothing.

We are asking you to help us, either by donating money, unused beauty products or your time if you are a hair dresser/visagist or would like to take a transwoman shop for clothes.

We want to start a program for transgender women as they transition and come out in public to help them be their beautiful selves as they are taking on their new journeys.

We hope to start this in in 2017.

Everything donated will be used and given to the transgender community as beauty products, coupons for hair styling, hair removal or clothing, make up tutorials, make-overs.